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Group X

If you want the optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training this is it. 

Step into a GROUP X class and you can be sure you’re heading into one of safest and most effective workouts around. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, running and Upper Body exercises will help you burn up to 490 calories each class*. The great music will leave you fizzing with energy and feeling great.

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Box Fit

Box-Fit bridlington gym

Box Fit is a high energy, fat shredding, non-contact training programme that uses principles from boxing. It’s a fun, stimulating and safe way to exercise that will keep you tip-top and on top of your game.

Join our box Fit classes and you’ll be able to lose lb after lb

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Legs, Bums & Tums

legs bums tums bridlington gym class

Legs,Bums & Tums, a toning class that focuses on those stubborn areas that can be hard to shape. Whilst following a combination of simple, straight forward exercises this class will help improve muscular endurance and appearance of the legs, bottoms and abdominal area.

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Aqua Fit

aquafit-logo bridlington gym class

Aquafit is not only a great way to get fit, but it is also one of the safest. It keeps the heart and lungs healthy, tones the body and gets rid of unwanted fat while at the same time reduces tension and impact on joints.

Much like swimming, Aquafit can reduce overheating because the body is constantly kept at a cool temperature. Most importantly, though, it provides a great opportunity for a fun splash about in the water.

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